Our custom stencils can be anything! From classic Damask looks to whatever your inspiration can dream up, we can design and execute a gorgeous, compelling, and durable all-over stencil in your space!

Custom Stencils

Sylvia T. Designs is the premier stencil artist and designer in the New Orleans area! We can add a unique and beautiful design and finish to your space. From traditional styles and patterns, such as Damask, to something that is completely modern or original, we can create it for you!

Stencils can give the look of wallpaper but are, most often, a better alternative. They are much more durable and, of course, won’t shrink and there are no seams. They are also highly cost-effective and can be much less expensive than decorative wallpaper. What’s more? The design options are endless. We can take your inspiration and design a true, hand-painted original work of art.

We have the ability to create in-house designs that capture your vision and goals for your space. We work with only top-flight fabricators to produce the stencil template itself. Importantly, we have been creating and applying stencils for more than two decades. So, the delivery can be anywhere between stunning to subtle, traditional to contemporary, and will be executed with the utmost craftsmanship and expertise.

Check out some of our stencil work in the gallery below and drop us a line to discuss how we can create a stencil design uniquely for you!

See more on our faux finish, layered strié, and striping finish work here. All are also great alternatives to wallpaper (see more on that here.)

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