Searching for a great look that will bring your space to life and also avoid the pitfalls of wallpaper? A decoratively painted finish on your walls or ceiling is the answer!

Wallcoverings (wallpaper) are often one dimensional. Even textured coverings, like grass-cloth, exhibit this. Also, it is very difficult or impossible to not show “meet lines.” If you are in a humid environment, wallcoverings are highly prone to shrinking and peeling. If you consider that moderate- to high end-paper can cost upwards of $5.00 per square foot – not including installation(!) – there is a lot to be concerned about going this route!

Sylvia T Designs – Decoratively Painted Finishes

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Decoratively painted finishes – such as, all-over stencils, decorative plaster finishes, and murals (like Chinoiserie) – give depth, dimension, and movement that wallcoverings cannot achieve. Additionally, these finishes can be exactly what you want – your colors, your desired design, the look and feel you’re seeking – they are truly custom and unique in your space. What’s more? This cost is right on par with wallpaper!

Learn more about the wide-range of plaster finishes in which we specialize at Sylvia T Designs here

Stencils, decorative plaster finishes, and murals are entirely customizable for your space and with your vision. There are no meet lines, no shrinking, and no peeling. They have the potential to be much more aesthetically appealing and can be completely unique and original!

Here at Sylvia T Designs, we will work with you to create a look and design for your project that will elevate your space. We are the Greater New Orleans Area experts for delivering decoratively painted finishes. We know the products, the techniques, and have the artistry and craftsmanship needed to deliver your vision. We’ve been doing this for nearly 25 years! Let us know how we can help you!

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