When working in historic properties, it’s imperative to do things properly from the beginning. Often, you will find stopgap or “band-aid” work that may be more expedient, but prone to short-term failure, in these situations. Here, we re-pointed the brick, “healing the bones” of the building. This will ensure long-term success and the integrity of the faux finishes these walls will hold!

This project is a soon-to-be open restaurant and bar in the heart of the French Quarter of New Orleans. It’s in one of the oldest buildings the neighborhood. Our client, a new owner of the building, understands the responsibility that comes with a special space like this.


Sylvia T. Designs is dedicated to honoring and perpetuating the craftsmanship and artistry that built the city of New Orleans! We’re doing it the right way – celebrating the history and tradition, through our work, found here in NOLA during our tricentennial!

Check out our video below…

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