There is so much history in the French Quarter of New Orleans. It is an honor and privilege to be able to work in many of its historic properties.

Sylvia T Designs was brought in to execute the plaster finishes for a renovation of a service building that was originally part of a hospital for elderly women. The property was being turned into luxury condominiums. The service building itself was built in 1830 and was being converted into a cabana for the pool area.

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The original plaster of the structure was broken out in many places, showing the original brick below. Electrical outlets, new doors, and cabinetry had to be installed leading to even more breakouts of the plaster.

The client wanted the cabana to show the layers of aging. Our job was to artistically build-out new plaster and to tie it into the existing plaster.

Care needs to be taken in renovating these historic buildings. Proper techniques and products need to be employed so as to ensure these special places are here for many more generations to come. The original plaster was lime-based, which allows the building to breath by design. That is why we also used lime-based plaster and paint for our work.

Below are images of the project from start to finish…

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