One of Sylvia T Designs specialties is plaster finishes in both new construction and historic properties. We take great care in working with owners, designers, and architects to develop finishes that enhance their space and produce their vision.

Because of our experience and knowledge of decorative finishes and plaster, we were hired to create finishes for the walls as part of the restoration of this Creole Cottage in the French Quarter. The owner and designer were specific in the color tones and finish they desired. They wanted the color and feel of the plaster to be true to the Creole period and to have a matt finish. This would give an historic look to the walls making them appear to look “original.” We then began developing samples by choosing and mixing colors and plasters that would give the desired result.

Plaster finishes are a great option for your wall and ceiling surfaces, adding depth and dimension. They can be used in place of paint achieving a more compelling aesthetic. This type of plaster finish is cost-effective, as it requires no burnishing to produce a highly appealing sheen. And, it produces a timeless matt finish that can be easily touched up if damaged.

The plaster we used in this project is natural, non-toxic, eco-friendly, and breathable – with no VOC’s. This is critical in that they are very durable standing up to the conditions common in New Orleans properties for a long period of time all while being environmentally safe. This type of finish is ideal in any setting, from historic properties to new construction.

As you can see in the images, the walls have beautiful depth and dimension with a timeless feel. Contact us and we can help deliver a special look in your space!

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